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Zeus-X What is Zeus-X you ask?? Zeus-X is a multi-platform file sharing tool for the Opennap-NG protocol, with IRC connectability. This Client is based off of TekNap is many ways, utilizing the powerful programming language and scriptability that exists and adding a graphical interface to ease it's use. Moderators plus will benefit using Zeus-X, for the fact it's authors have been Moderators on an opennap server for over a year each, Serverkick, MassKill, Timed Bans, preprogrammed aliases, easy macro maker, for adding new aliases, and much more.Future Plans of BitTorrent support linger on the back 40. This client promises to be a well awaited replacement to WinMX. Check Back Often, Updates are coming fast !!!! Zeus-X Has New Slick Forums available Please Feel Free to browse the posts for help or ideas for scripts, installation, or any bugs (aaakkkkkk) you may find with Zeus-X. Click here to go directly to the forums main page. You Must Register Before Posting. Thank You, and may God bless you
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